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Check out this page for a listing of all Sulaiman Hakim events. Sulaiman Hakim Productions, Sulaiman's Blues Band and Kisasa World Music dates.

Events List

Events List

  • Douchapt Blues

    19 Août - 20h Sulaiman Hakim Blues Band

  • Magic Blues Night

    Sat Setember 24th - 20h Sulaiman Hakim blues Band

  • Steve McCraven and Sulaiman Hakim

    Vendredi 14, Octobre 20h30 Exposition d'Aurélie Géradin Metro Crimée or Ourcq

  • Swing Resto

    October 16,(20h-23h) Swing Resto-130 Ave. Gallieni, Bondy,

  • Jazz4Generations

    Mercredi 19 Octobre 20h00 Jazz4Generations @ Moty Bar Brasserie 63 Rue de La Jonquière 75017 Paris